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Heart Of The Mountain Mission

Heart Of The Mountain Mission strives to serve God by partnering with the underprivileged people and communities in Haiti to provide educational opportunities, medical relief, entrepreneurial assistance, and overall improvement in living conditions and nutrition. The goal for all endeavors focus on self-sustaining programs that respect the people and culture of Haiti while simultaneously sharing Biblical principles.
Heart Of The Mountain Mission
Heart Of The Mountain Mission1 year ago ❤️

The Heart Of The Mountain Mission support team has been able to feed over 80 families in the past 48 hours since Hurricane Mathew. If you would like to make a donation towards this relief effort, please visit the HOMM website ( or mail a check to P.O. Box 8032 Charleston, WV 25303. Thank you! ❤️
Heart Of The Mountain Mission
Heart Of The Mountain Mission1 year ago
Building An Opportunity
- Mark Ranson

The village of Digue Matheux, Haiti is located approximately 45 minutes northwest of the Nation’s capital of Port Au Prince. This peaceful village rests in the foothills of a stunning mountain range and is known for the farming of plantain, sugar cane, breadfruits, coconuts, mango and avocados. These farmers rely on the strength of their backs and a machete blade to perform nearly all of their tasks. Unfortunately, not all men have the option of farming available to them. This dignified task requires ample land and a means to deliver water to remote areas in order to keep the crops alive and thriving. All too often the men of this noble village struggle on a daily basis to provide for their families despite their willingness to work hard and earn a living.

Heart Of The Mountain Mission has met with the village elders and leaders of this village to determine what industry would help their economy thrive. “Blocks. The men of Digue Matheux know how to make blocks and blocks are badly needed in this region” as stated by Miclaine Luma who has lived in the village his entire life. Miclaine went on to say, “If Heart Of The Mountain Mission can help make this opportunity for the men of this village then we will not fail. To fail this opportunity would mean to fail our families and this would mean to see our children starve.”

Blocks are in high demand and they are used for construction in nearly every building project. The construction of a block machine plant would initially employ up to 5 men and benefit the thirty plus immediate family members. More importantly, the local economy would receive a much needed boost in revenue. This self-sustaining industry allows men to provide for their families with dignity and directly invests in the future of a village.

At one point in our lives we all needed a helping hand. We have all benefitted by the generosity of someone who believed in us. Fortunately, most of us have been able to take advantage of opportunities to better our lives and support our family. This is the same opportunity these men want. These men don’t want a “hand out” but rather a “helping hand.” To provide an honest living for their families with dignity by the sweat of their brow is all the men of Digue Matheux long for. This helping hand not only creates jobs but it builds a future of self-sustainability.

Please visit to learn more about how you can lend a helping hand.
Heart Of The Mountain Mission
Heart Of The Mountain Mission1 year ago ❤️

Today is the first official day for Heart Of The Mountain Mission School! There are 335 students who now have a chance to better their future! The children and the village are celebrating this amazing opportunity! A new and larger bridge into the school has been completed and brand new bathrooms with sinks and flushing toilets are being built! ❤️

If you would like to be a BIG part of our HOMM TEAM, please prayerfully consider making a tax deductible donation of $20 per month to our Haiti mission! Please visit our website ( and click on the DONATE tab. ❤️

You can also mail a check to...

P.O. Box 8032
South Charleston, WV 25303

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of HOMM! ❤️
Heart Of The Mountain Mission
Heart Of The Mountain Mission is with Jacqui O'Neil Ranson.1 year ago
We have had quite an unbelievably busy day! Our morning started in Charleston, WV with an 8am meeting with our new friend, Senator Chris Walters. His devotion and commitment to the people here in West Virginia is inspiring. We are thankful that he took so much of his valuable time to speak with us about Heart Of The Mountain Mission and our current and upcoming projects in Haiti. We look forward to working with such a wonderful man!

Our evening concluded in Washington, D.C. after we were given an amazing opportunity of a life-time...a chance to meet the current Haitian Ambassador to the United States. So 6 hours later we we're here and it was definitely worth it!!!

The event was a one-on-one interview hosted by Larry Luxner with the The Washington Diplomat Ambassador Insiders Series featuring the current Haitian Ambassador - Paul Altidor.

We also met Jean-Victor Harvel Jean-Baptiste, the current Haitian Ambassador with permanent representative to the Organization of American States. I was truly honored to receive his ambassadors pin as a token of his appreciation and gratitude for Heart Of The Mountain Mission.

Marc Henry William did amazing tonight engaging with and speaking French and Haitian Creole to many of the top Haitian officials. His picture to the bottom left features the two current and one past Haitian Ambassador. This picture says so much!!!! They all said he would be next! 😊

Our evening concluded after a one on one meeting with the current Haitian Ambassador to the United States, Paul Altidor. We were able to discuss the sustainable projects and upcoming plans for Heart Of The Mountain Mission. A very special thanks to Victor Shiblie and Rodolfo Carrasco for taking such good care of us! We were the "West Virginia family" that everyone welcomed with open arms.

Also, thank you to my amazing husband, Mark Ranson, who has always believed in me, he understands my spirit and allows me the opportunity to make it all happen. I could not have dreamed of a better night for HOMM. ❤️